Like many parents, Susan and I look at the future through the eyes of our children.  Last year, we watched our oldest daughter graduate from college and begin life’s journey by first searching for a job to start her career.  Tyler has been one of the lucky ones- many of her friends and peers are still searching, and viewing America not as the land of opportunity as our generation did, but as a place of diminished expectations.

The America we knew growing up was one where we looked toward the future with hope and optimism, knowing we could only be limited by our imagination, ingenuity and diligence.  We can be that country again.

I have long advocated for ideas and solutions that rein in our overreaching and overspending government, create a pro-growth environment for American competitiveness and jobs, and unleash our diverse American energy resources for American jobs and national security.  Together we can bring Virginia’s voice and values back to Washington.

Blueprint for America's Comeback

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