Issues & Audibles: Ed Gillespie for Senate

Today on
Issues & Audibles
on Andy Parks live from the Washington Times, I was happy to announce Susan and my endorsement of Ed Gillespie to be Virginia’s next United States Senator!

It is past time to unleash American ingenuity, creativity and energy. America is not reaching its full potential because of government impediments and policies that hinder growth. That is why Susan and I are glad that our longtime trusted friend and neighbor Ed Gillespie is running for the U.S. Senate.

Susan and I are confident that Ed will run a courteous, issues-oriented campaign, and as Senator he will work to improve opportunities for Virginians with tax, regulatory and energy policies that foster job growth, encourage innovation and allow hardworking people to keep more of what they earn. We know Ed will earnestly work to make sure every person has an equal opportunity to compete and succeed and help get our country confidently moving in the right direction.

Whether it is a more vibrant economy, personal control of health care, affordable energy, or national defense, Susan and I are certain Ed will vote the best way for Virginia and America. That is why we are endorsing Ed and respectfully ask our fellow Virginians to unite for Ed’s campaign for a better future.

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