Issue Updates

Issues & Audibles: Ed Gillespie for Senate

Today on Issues & Audibles on Andy Parks live from the Washington Times, I was happy to announce Susan and my endorsement of Ed Gillespie to be Virginia’s next United States Senator! It is past time to unleash American ingenuity, creativity and energy. America is not reaching its full potential because of government impediments and … Read More

Issues & Audibles – Super Bowl Picks

On “Issues & Audibles” today, Andy and I discussed the great news for Barbara Comstock with State Senator Dick Black dropping out of the 10th District Congressional race to keep his vital seat in the evenly split State Senate. Del. Comstock will now be better able to save money and attract more voters to her unifying campaign. Meanwhile, … Read More

Issues & Audibles – Championship Weekend, 2014 Campaigns in Northern Virginia

On this week’s edition of “Issues & Audibles”, Andy and I discussed the three big Congressional races in Northern Virginia this year. There are some good potential Republican candidates in the tough, open 8th District (Jim Moran announced his retirement this week), and Barbara Comstock is picking up important endorsements in the open … Read More

Issues & Audibles – Playoffs and New Leadership

On yesterday’s episode of “Issues & Audibles”, Andy and I discussed the Redskin’s new head coach, Jay Gruden. He will bring passion and energy to motivate and prepare his players. We also discussed Barbara Comstock’s positive candidacy for the 10th District Congressional seat. With the right ideas, a strong record of leadership for … Read More

Issues & Audibles – Wild Card and National Championship picks

On today’s “Issues & Audibles”, Andy and I discussed security concerns at the upcoming Olympic games in Russia, and the need for cooperation between all nations’ counter-terrorism intelligence agencies. For example, the Russians warned us about the people responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. I also forecasted a positive 2014 … Read More

Issues & Audibles – Week 16 and Comstock for Congress?

On today’s “Issues & Audibles”, Andy and I discussed the many good people who may be interested in running for the open 10th Congressional District seat, from which Frank Wolf has announced his retirement. The one person that I've heard the most positive enthusiasm for is Delegate Barbara Comstock. Her House district is made up of parts … Read More

Issues and Audibles – Week 15 Picks, Budget ‘Deal’ & Ukraine

On today’s “Issues & Audibles”, Andy and I discussed the Budget deal. The “deal” provides some certainty – a good thing for businesses – rather than irresponsible, temporary, stopgap crisis governance. It is probably the best Congress can do under divided government, but what we truly need is a growth agenda. We also discussed the … Read More

Issues & Audibles – Week 14 Picks

On today’s “Issues & Audibles”, Andy and I discussed the missing radioactive materials in Mexico – which thankfully have been found – and the double standard in Sen. Harry Reid’s staff being exempt from the Obamacare law they drafted and imposed upon the rest of us. With Ann now only 1 game behind me - we then made our NFL Week … Read More

Issues & Audibles – Week 13 Picks, Thanksgiving, and Iran

On today’s “Issues & Audibles”, I happily educated Andy about the first Thanksgiving taking place in Virginia – not present day Massachusetts – and we discussed our favorite means of cooking Turkey (I like it fried). We also discussed the Iran Nuclear Deal, which seems to ignore allowing hostage victims of Iran's theocracy to attach … Read More