Issues & Audibles – Week 2 Picks, Syria and LNG Exports

On this week’s edition of “Issues & Audibles”, on Andy Parks’ radio show live from the Washington Times,with Congressman Ernest Istook sitting in for AndyAndy, we made our NFL Week 2 predictions, as well as discussed Syria and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Exports. Ernest passed along Andy’s picks for the week:

AndyParks Show Week 2 Picks












Congressman Istook, a Baylor grad like RGIII, agreed with all my picks including the Redskins ‎hopeful miraculous win against GB who has won 20 of the last 21 regular season games at Lambeau Field.

In the Issues segment, we discussed how I was glad President Obama said America is an “exceptional” country, notwithstanding Russian President Putin saving our president from the embarrassment of a rejection of his constantly changing resolution against Syria. It is difficult for Congress to support vacillating policy.

I think we should push for a Syrian War Crimes Tribunal at the UN, arm moderate Syrian rebel forces and provide food and humanitarian aid.

Finally, I commended the permitting of the Cove Point (MD) LNG exporting facility‎ which will create jobs and help our balance of trade with proposed sales to India and Japan.

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